admittedly, I stole this from a family holiday card a few years back, but it works every day! 

everything i needed to know i learned in kindergarten from my dogs:

1. never pass up the chance to go for a ride
2. always greet your loved ones with enthusiasm, even if they’ve been gone for only 5 minutes
3. sometimes obedience is the best strategy 
4. carve out your niche, and let others know when they’ve invaded your space
5. find time to take rambling walks and play every day
6. eat with gusto!
7. be dependably loyal, no matter what
8. enjoy naps
9. when someone’s having a bad day, stay close, be quiet, and nuzzle them every now and then
10. don’t take scoldings personally — you’ll forget them soon enough
11. when you’re happy, show it! 

again, all of this is taken from the perspective of having way too much time alone with my thoughts. but sometimes it’s the small things like this that are completely overlooked when we get caught up in the day-to-day madness. 

and i can’t forget to send a shout out to one of the brain children of this posting, below, my wonderful dog harry.