patience, passover, and martha stewart

Last week was tough, filled with frustration, reality checks, and attempts at being patient. I say attempts because I have the patience of a gnat, but either way, it’s been a rough week. As I enter my 6th week of funemployment, I’m definitely starting to get a little more stressed and feel a little more discouraged. As much as I’d love to be suzy sunshine, I’m only human and it’s starting to get to me. So this week’s focus is to keep my head up, be selective in jobs I’m applying to, and make it count. Basically, I’ll be singing that annoyingly catchy Andy Grammar song “Keep Your Head Up” to myself all week. Other pump-up song suggestions are welcome.

In other news, tonight is the last night of Pesach! Which means, in a family tradition, we’re having pizza for dinner tonight! I treated this year’s Pesach celebration as more of a cleanse- trying not to eat any matzah and eat as healthy as possible. I definitely feel better not having eaten anything with leavening and very little sugars, so that might be something to try and maintain. I’ll call it the Sinai Diet 🙂

So for today’s happiness in the news… introducing Martha Stewart! Martha is a pretty polarizing person- you either love her or hate her. Of course I speak from one opinion, but I think she’s pretty brilliant, in an obnoxiously crafty way. But as an entrepreneur, Martha Stewart has some great things to share. After all, we were all in our mid-20s once, trying things out, searching around for what to do with our lives, and eventually figuring it out. While I don’t have anywhere near the creative ingenuity to turn a toilet paper roll into a masterpiece, what Martha Stewart has to say is still applicable.

I may not be an entrepreneur (although who says I might not be sometime down the road), I may not be a multi-million dollar media mogul, and I may not be a household name, but hell if I can’t try.