I have been neglectful. I know this. I apologize. There’s been a lot going on though! Getting settled into my new job at Whole Foods Market, moving into a new house and starting a new year (happy belated Rosh Hashanah and hope y’all had a meaningful fast at Yom Kippur).


Since starting my new job, I’ve been channeling my inner foodie and exploring all that WFM has to offer. I’m trying my best not to become a food snob, but some things are just better than others. In addition to being more picky about what I’m eating, I’m also starting to be more adventurous. My new thing: figs! They’re a prime pick right now and aside from delicious fig newtons as a kid, there are a lot of things you can do with figs! No, you cannot look forward to a figgy pudding entry around Christmas- sorry.


We recently hosted a cooking class at work that in addition to planning, I decided to attend. We made an amazing fig and goat cheese tart. Some of you may know that I often times go out of my way to include goat cheese in dishes, and this is no exception. Seriously amazing! Mine didn’t turn out nearly as pretty as I hoped it would, so my pictures were just meh. And I promise not to plug WFM anymore (well, I’ll try at least) but wow, this is a winner!