Fun things since the last installment:
BK’s pirate themed birthday (he did, in fact, turn 29) complete with multi-colored funfetti cupcakes,


a dear college friend’s wedding in St. Louis, a rafting trip (pictures in my previous post) and, at the risk of completely jinxing myself, 2 interviews today! So, I’m thinking happy thoughts, a la Peter Pan, and am hoping to fly! 

And thanks to my new obsession with buzzfeed, I found the below kick ass poster. Now, this is not your ordinary reach for the stars type bullshit inspiration poster. As cool as those are, I actually thought this one was pretty applicable to jobs, life, friends, late 20s, etc. Balancing everything that we all have going on is freaking hard. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not. Finding the right balance is even harder. But in spite of the hard stuff, break ups, friendship changes, job changes, moving, and overall growing up, the key is to keep moving. Sure, there will be some people left behind, but I tend to find that the ones who keep up are the ones worth keeping.